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Resilience Training and Coaching

Why Resilience?

We define resilience as the learned ability to Bounce, Grow, Connect and Flow

The current reality is a world of increasing uncertainty. Globalization, disruption resulting from technological advances and geo-political shift put people under increasing pressure and strain. The persistent change in the world and the pressures on us to transform and adapt require agility. In a volatile, uncertain, complex and unambiguous world, resilience becomes a strategic asset.

Our Services

Digital tools and support

Through online resources, a habit tracking app, and a proprietary diagnostic tool, we leverage technology to support our clients before, during, and after training.


We utilize an evidence-based, integral and practical method for liberating human potential. We do this through five core modules applied throughout the process: master stress, energise the body, engage the emotions, train the mind, spirit in action.

Tailored workshops

We offer keynotes, half-day and full-day workshops, as well as the ability to facilitate company retreats depending on client capacity and needs. Our diagnostic assessment allows us to further cater our training.

Coaching and consulting

We understand deeply that the Resilience journey takes time. We provide individualized and group coaching as needed and provide support for our organizational clients as they progress.

The Resilience Institute was founded in 2002. Our mission is to deliver high impact, practical, evidence-based and integrated resilience training by bringing together modern preventative medicine, modern psychology, emotional intelligence, and neuroscience.


Hundreds of thousands of executives and professionals have joined our community. They have built healthier bodies, achieved greater levels of emotional intelligence, and have developed stronger minds. Thus, they bring the performance benefits of resilience to work. 

The Resilience Institute has established itself in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, UK, Belgium, South Africa,
China, and USA

Ananta mission to unlock potential and inspire growth aligns with the Resilience Institute's integrated Resilience training and goal of supporting individuals and organisations in becoming "totally human." Our collaboration brings together Ananta's expertise in the field of facilitating growth, learning and development with the Resilience Institute's wealth of continual research, science and knowledge behind growth. This enables us to serve global organisations through custom designed solutions to facilitate growth and resilience.


Through our partnership with the Resilience Institute, we offer training, coaching and assessments to support individuals in building resilience by a holistic focus on body, heart, mind, and spirit. We also provide similar services at the organisational level, catalysing organisational development through awareness, understanding and practices of behavioural change.  Read more about Resilience Institute

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