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Growth Facilitators

Recent research shows a large majority  of employees worldwide are not fully engaged at work and companies with highly engaged workforce outperform their peers by upto 147% in earnings per share. The discretionary energy people could bring to work offers a source of growth and innovation to the systems they are part of. Our work at Ananta is designed to unlock this potential through increasing alignment of organizational and personal vision, mission and values, thereby increasing engagement and performance.

Growth Facilitators

Our Services


transformation and


We enable the development of Self-Transformative leaders who constantly redefine and regenerate themselves, their teams and their organizations.

Leadership ALIGNMENT

We facilitate alignment workshops for shareholders, stakeholders and top-team management. We also facilitate transition and alignment programs for assimilating new generation in family owned businesses.

Culture Adaptation and Employee engagement

We understand the employee mix today comprises different generations, and support generational integration through

workshops and coaching. 

We support increasing employee

engagement through culture  adaptation programs.


We provide coaching at a personal and executive level to

elevate intrinsic motivation  to achieve individual and  organizational aspirations.

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